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Tapping the revenue potential of your service team

Increasingly, organizations look to their service teams for a reliable source of sales revenue. But service professionals resist selling – even if it’s called “upselling”. They see themselves as problem solvers and advisors and do not want to be perceived by their customers as having a “sales” agenda.

UpSolving is not upselling. With upselling, the service professional is asked to play the role of part-time salesperson with a definite, and sometimes conflicting sales agenda. With UpSolving, the service professional is an advisor and business consultant who always focuses first on fixing the customer’s problem. The UpSolver knows, though, that the best solution often includes a new product or upgraded service.

In this webinar, Randall Murphy, founder and president of Acclivus R3 Solutions, shares the key elements of groundbreaking research and details what the research reveals.  



During this webinar you will learn:

    how the service professional can significantly contribute to revenue without becoming a salesperson

    how organizations can motivate and inspire service professionals to embrace their emerging role

    Which skills are essential for UpSolving success

    how service professionals can influence the customer’s perception of their role and value as advisors and business consultants, as well as problem solvers 

    how the sales organization can empower service professionals as a reliable source of profitable revenue