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Randall K. Murphy – Founder and President
Randall Murphy founded Acclivus over three decades ago. As a consultant, teacher, and writer, he is a pioneer in the areas of collaboration and coaching and has profoundly influenced the way society views and values the building of relationships that work. The larger mission of Acclivus is to help create a more collaborative world.


Randall is the primary author and architect of the programs which comprise the Acclivus R3 Solutions curriculum. Leading organizations in more than 80 countries use these programs to develop proficiency in communication, negotiation, problem solving, decision making, strategy, and coaching. Through these programs Acclivus R3 Solutions, working in close partnership with clients, provides learning experiences that inspire people and enable performance.


Randall has identified the principles – fundamental truths – for working together that transcend communities, countries, and cultures. He has introduced the term co-create and pioneered this concept. He has developed the Acclivus model for influencing awareness, perception, attitude, and behavior, and he has created The Consultative Approach®.


Randall’s career and contributions are profiled in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Finance and Business, Who’s Who in American Education, and Who’s Who in the World.




Martin Carbone – Senior Partner
Martin Carbone works with major corporations worldwide to maximize the performance of their sales professionals, managers, and executives. For more than 17 years, Martin has led Acclivus' Northeast team from Stamford, CT. 


Martin works internationally with clients such as, IBM, SimplexGrinnell, D&B, KPMG, and Bank of America. He has the opportunity to partner with Fortune 100 organizations around topics such as: strategic selling, negotiation, planning and strategy, effective relationship building, and executive coaching. Martin’s performance development initiatives provide the expertise, thought leadership, and inspiration that are critical to his clients’ success. He has a compelling, stimulating, thought-provoking approach that enables and inspires people all around the world to consistently elevate their professional and personal performance. 


Prior to joining Acclivus, Martin worked with another international consulting firm that focused on executive communication skills and high-end presentation skills. Martin has always played an active role in consulting, designing, and implementing high-end solutions, wherein the success has been tracked, measured, and validated to organizational bottom-line results.


Martin earned a bachelor’s degree in organization communications and management from Ohio University. He graduated from the Dun & Bradstreet Management School.




Terry Murphy – Vice President, Performance Development

Terry Murphy has been with Acclivus R3 Solutions for more than three decades. She is a master in the classroom and has been responsible for developing many of the most effective sales and service professionals on the planet. She also teaches instructors how to be world-class deliverers of the Acclivus curriculum. And Terry is responsible for design and implementation of major performance development initiatives with Acclivus clients.

Terry consults with Global 500 companies worldwide, implementing initiatives to improve communications, strategies, and coaching approaches. She works with sales, support, service, and management teams in North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Before joining Acclivus R3 Solutions, Terry was involved in government-sponsored special education projects, as well as executive development projects within major corporations. She received degrees in psychology and special education from the University of Northern Colorado.




Barry Murphy – Director of Research and Development

Barry Murphy and his research and development team are responsible for creating, maintaining, validating, and protecting the Acclivus R3 Solutions curriculum. They also create the tools that support the application of Acclivus programs in the field. Barry works closely with Randall Murphy, the president and founder of Acclivus, to ensure that new and updated programs are completely aligned with the rest of the highly-integrated R3 curriculum.


Before joining Acclivus, Barry led his own training-consulting organization in Toronto, Canada, where he and Cindy were married and their three boys started their lives. Before that, Barry lived and taught school in Berlin, back when that city was uniquely walled behind the Iron Curtain. Barry completed his formal education in Berlin, with degrees in German and History.


Barry plays tennis whenever he gets the chance and loves to swim. On rainy days he likes to compete at the bridge table or chess board.  He is involved in several local and national efforts to support environmentalism. His preferred and customary mode of transportation is a Vespa.




Donna Wheeler – Director of Global Services

Donna and her Global Services team establish and maintain relationships with our network of performance development partners throughout the world.  Donna’s team also manages the translation and cultural adaptation of the Acclivus R3 Solutions Performance Development System, creating successful global R3 Solutions implementations.

Donna’s team also oversees the protection and promotion of Acclivus intellectual property, including copyrights and trademarks, and ensures that contractual agreements are accurate, fair, and properly executed.   

Donna has been a member of the Acclivus organization for 16 years.  Prior to joining Acclivus, Donna worked for 10 years with a leading provider of customer service training. Before that she developed and delivered instructional programs for students and faculty at Purdue University. 

Donna holds a degree in history and journalism from the University of California at Irvine, a master’s degree in library science from the University of California at Los Angeles, a master’s degree in education from Purdue University, and a master’s degree in theology from the University of Dallas.  She is currently serving on Vestry at her church, where she is also Co-directress of Altar Guild and a Parish Catechist. Donna enjoys cooking, reading, and "twist yoga.”



Marly Lindsey – Manager of R3 Impact

Marly joined Acclivus as Manager of AIM (Assessment – Implementation - Measurement) Services in 2006. The AIM Services department helps clients assess their needs related to performance development, implement solutions for meeting those needs, and measure the results being achieved.


Before joining Acclivus, Marly worked with Accenture to track performance metrics for IT leadership at Verizon. Her entry into performance development was through her work at EDS (now HP), where she coordinated training resources and facilitated customer service workshops.


Marly is a native Texan having lived her entire life in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She has a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of North Texas and spent several years performing with the Fort Worth Opera in their children's educational outreach program. Outside of work, Marly's enjoys spending time with family, re-learning piano and oil painting.




Patricia Harrison – Manager of Finance and Accounting

Patricia has been an integral part of the Acclivus team for more than six years. She is responsible for daily management and overseeing of all financial, accounting, tax, treasury and risk management functions of the corporation. As a dedicated team member at Acclivus and of executive management, she assists with strategic business planning and building long-term relationships with Acclivus business partners.


Prior to joining Acclivus, she served as Controller to Accutel and Phoneco, a diversified group of telecommunications entities and Tucker Electronics Company, a global importer and exporter of laboratory and medical test measurement equipment to industry, education, and government entities.


Patricia holds a bachelor's of science degree in business management and accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas. She is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas and a member of the American Institute and Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants. She is also a member of Financial Executives International.





Chris Alston – Manager of Production and Distribution

Chris, Manager of Production, Distribution and Customer Service oversees many of the roles here at Acclivus R3 Solutions. Having been here for over 22 years, he brings insight, perspective, and performance by providing services and products our clients have come to know and expect.   He has a long history of meeting expectations and often receives recognition for his relationships and results. With a strong creative background, Chris plays an important role with product development and design.  


While Chris considers himself to be an Acclivus R3 Solutions lifer he has found new life with his first and only child, Rivers.  Chris has grown up here with Acclivus.  He’ll say “Working by Randall’s side in this environment has been the most valuable decision I’ve ever made.”   Randall has had a profoundly positive impact in the way we live our lives.  Chris has paid attention to our curriculum and the direction of future growth.  He’s a native Texan, who tirelessly studies our local plants and wildlife.  When he’s not in the office you’ll be sure to find him at the farm or landscaping something local.  Chris also plays a strong role with his neighborhood where he has lived in for most of his life.  His youthful exuberance is contagious and his flexible style and ability to quickly adapt serve him well through his many endeavors.  Chris is the strong, bright, patient teammate they stopped making.