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Negotiation Skills: Making Concessions Count

by Randall Murphy 



If you have responsibility for developing   the skills of your organization’s sales team, then you know that negotiation skills are especially challenging. Even successful salespeople who are confident about every other aspect of selling, sometimes face negotiation with intimidation, uncertainty, and anxiety. That is natural...there is so much at stake.


The salesperson worked long and hard to find the account, develop the opportunity, nurture the relationships, and present the perfect solution. And now there is a negotiation. The price, the terms, the conditions, the demands… and the concessions. Will there be pressure to make major concessions to save the day — and the deal?


Carelessly considered concessions can actually reduce the probability of closing the sale. They can erode trust, damage the relationship, and carry costs well beyond the obvious. On the other hand, carefully planned concessions can be part of an overall strategy to strengthen the relationship and increase the value of the deal for both parties.


In this webinar Randall Murphy, developer of Acclivus Sales Negotiation, will share insights that you can use to empower your sales team to skillfully leverage concessions. You will learn how master negotiators:

  • identify the best concessions and the worst concessions

  • incorporate concessions into a strategic plan for negotiation

  • make concessions in a way that minimizes their cost and maximizes their value

Register today for this complimentary, one-hour webinar.