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Acclivus R3 Solutions—our company and our programs—represent a complete approach to performance development, beginning with a thorough assessment of a client’s performance goals, challenges, and needs.

Performance development initiatives are designed and implemented to meet specific client-based objectives. Initiatives typically include a blend of targeted communication, training, on-the-job tools, coaching, and mentoring. Implementation is an ongoing process. Throughout the performance initiative, Acclivus tracks the application of skills and strategies and their impact on key business metrics. Measurement ensures that the desired results are being achieved.

As the foundation for each initiative, Acclivus provides one or more proven program solutions from the world's most highly validated performance development curriculum.


Acclivus CoachingTM / R3 CoachingTM

Research consistently reveals that coaching and leadership are the most important factors in a high- performance team. Acclivus Coaching creates a climate for high performance by providing managers and other leaders with the principles, skills, and techniques necessary to produce consistently superior results as developers of both people and performance. Coaches focus on the four factors that characterize successful leaders: 1) an aggressive plan for performance and development, 2) frequent and productive communication with each team member, 3) continuous feedback, and 4) regular reinforcement of the value of the work being done and the people doing the work.

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R3 Sales Excellence®

R3 Sales Excellence is the Consultative Approach® to Business-with-Business® selling – a proven approach for understanding and influencing the decision process at multiple levels of even the most complex client organizations. Participants develop a solid communication foundation for building strong relationships, ensuring optimal results, and achieving profitable revenue.

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R3 Sales®

A structured, consultative approach to Business-with-Business® selling that is designed to enable and inspire participants to achieve strong RELATIONSHIPS, optimal RESULTS, and profitable REVENUE by continually elevating their level of performance.

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Inside R3 SalesTM

Inside R3 Sales is The Consultative Approach® adapted for sales professionals whose primary selling tools are telephone and e-mail. Participants learn the skill set of R3 Sales® but apply those skills in the fast-paced environment of inside sales.

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R3 Strategic Sales PresentationsTM

Our presentations program strategically builds upon the Consultative Approach and focuses on preparing and communicating strategic messages. Participants use both capabilities presentations and solution presentations to strategically advance the customer’s decision process.

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R3 INTERACTION is intended for retail sales and call centers. Participants learn and apply the principles and skills required to protect and strengthen relationships, results, and revenue—after the sale. The philosophy of R3 INTERACTION includes the belief that relationships can actually be made stronger through the process of effectively managing customer dissatisfaction and disappointment.

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R3 transACTION®

R3 transACTION provides the principles and skills necessary for sales success in a retail environment or call center, where a salesperson must manage dozens of calls a day. The mission is to close the sale in a short amount of time while protecting margins and maintaining the customer relationship. To achieve that mission, participants learn how to take charge of each call, guide the sales dialogue, understand customer needs beyond the obvious, and make the most appropriate recommendation.

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Bundling R3 ValueTM

Bundling R3 Value is the half-day mastery workshop for graduates of R3 transACTION.  It helps retail associates and call center agents take their art of selling to the next level, maximizing the value of each transACTION for the customer and for their organization. Participants learn the six motivating points of opportunity, which will enable them to understand customer goals and challenges and identify customer needs—beyond the obvious. They will be able to link the benefits of your companies’ product bundles with your customer’s specific needs. During the advanced course you will also learn techniques for successfully managing customer misperceptions, skepticism, or concerns about your recommendation for a bundled solution.

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Getting The Meeting®

Many sales professionals who are confident about every other aspect of selling, experience anxiety when prospecting for new business, especially cold calling. Getting the Meeting inspires and enables salespeople to make more calls and get more meetings. They learn a proven process for preparation and a powerful model for contacting prospects using the telephone, voice mail, e-mail, and traditional mail. During the workshop, participants prepare for and practice making calls with their own prospecting opportunities.

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Acclivus Sales NegotiationTM / R3 Sales NegotiationTM

Acclivus Sales Negotiation is the most highly validated approach to Business-with-Business® negotiation. The program enables sales, support, and service professionals to achieve revenue objectives and strengthen customer relationships while preserving their own credibility, the integrity of their products and services, and the profitability of their organizations. The more business professionals apply the Acclivus approach, the more they will view negotiation as an opportunity, not an obstacle, on the way to achieving contractual agreement.

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R3 Service®

R3 Service enables service professionals to take communications with customers to a new level. The skills, techniques, and approaches provide a framework for interfacing with customers in field or call center service environments. Participants focus on achieving optimal results with product and service solutions and thereby develop stronger relationships and ongoing profitable revenue streams.

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MAPS (Major Account Planning and Strategy)

Major Account Planning and Strategy is a partnering approach to develop and retain client relationships. Account managers and teams develop and implement strategic plans to measurably increase presence and influence decision-making in the account, elevate competitive position, create leveraged client results, and generate profitable revenue.

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Territory Planning and Management™

Territory Planning and Management enables individual sales professionals to create strategic territory business plans. Each plan includes approaches to expand customer base, increase market share, and build competitive barriers. Through Territory Planning and Management™, sales organizations gain insight – the power to see beyond the obvious – and leverage – the ability to produce greater results with less effort.

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R3 TOP® (Time & Opportunity Planning)

R3 TOP is a one-day program that teaches the principles and process for making smart time-investment decisions, managing sales opportunities, and developing a healthy sales pipeline. R3 TOP also provides managers and coaches with a framework for supporting their teams.

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