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Creating R3 Through Strategic Sales Presentations 


   If you are in sales, your mission is R3. You are responsible for developing

   strong customer Relationships, optimal Results for your customers, and  

  profitable Revenue for your organization. To achieve R3 success you need

   to influence the behavior of decision makers. You must be prepared to

   deliver messages in a clear and powerful way.


   Senior Partner Martin Carbone shares key R3 principles and techniques

   for crafting, targeting, and delivering messages that influence buying

   behavior.   Click here for more information.






Negotiation Skills: Making Concessions Count 


In this webinar Randall Murphy, developer of Acclivus Sales Negotiation, will share insights to empower sales team to skillfully leverage concessions. You will learn how master negotiators:

  • identify the best concessions and the worst concessions

  • incorporate concessions into a strategic plan for negotiation

  • make concessions in a way that minimizes their cost and maximizes their value

Click here for more information.










UpSolving: Tapping the Revenue Potential of your Service Team


     Increasingly, organizations look to their service teams for a

     reliable source of sales revenue. But service professionals

     resist selling – even if it’s called “upselling”. In this webinar,

     you will learn how service professionals can significantly

     contribute to revenue without being a salesperson...and much

     more!  Click here for more information.








Coaching: The Four Factors of High Performance


High-performance managers behave in ways that are clearly different from their less successful counterparts. These effective leaders ensure the success of their sales organizations by following four factors that consistently characterize managers who enable and inspire performance. Learn best practices and strategies learned through more than 300 separate studies. Click here for more information.