Make the Other Guy Look Good

A Norwegian psychology professor once shared a bit of wisdom that I have never forgotten. And it has become the basis for one of our most important principles for strengthening customer relationships – and even collegial relationships, for that matter. He told me, “It... read more

To be effective, get convinced

Whether you are cold calling, requesting an appointment, recommending, presenting, closing, or negotiating, the most important success factor is your own attitude and your own expectations. Whether face to face or on the phone, your voice conveys your attitude—there... read more

TIP 1: Keep Your Resolutions – the Pudd’nhead Way

If you are reading this, you probably resolved to change your behavior or improve your performance in 2016. Statistics are not in your favor. The entire health club industry relies on people failing to follow through on their resolutions (and yet taking a long, long... read more

TIP 2: Become a better listener.

Developing influence requires effective communication, and effective communication begins with listening. Listening is command central for effective communication. No other skill is as powerful or as necessary for developing understanding− and for communicating a... read more

TIP 3: Protect your time.

Time is the sales professional’s primary investment capital, and investing wisely is key to success. When the potential of a sales opportunity or the probability of winning it decreases, either fix the problem or reduce your investment of time. << Back to... read more

TIP 4: Qualify 3×3®.

Never rely on only one customer contact as your sole channel of information. No one individual has total or perfect information. And information is always processed through individual filters and subject to individual agendas and biases. For true insight, always ask... read more

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