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Randall K. Murphy founded Acclivus Corporation in 1976 in Dallas, Texas. He served as president, chairman, and lead program designer from 1976 until his death on May 17, 2015. The name ‘Acclivus’ is derived from a Latin word that means inclined upward, symbolizing the company’s commitment to work in partnership with its clients to achieve continuous performance improvement.


Randall and Pyramids 2012

“Founder Randall K. Murphy, the creative and spiritual force behind Acclivus for 40 years”

Under Murphy’s leadership, Acclivus developed a comprehensive curriculum of integrated programs designed to improve (1) consultative sales communication, (2) collaborative negotiation, (3) strategic presentations, (4) coaching and leadership, (5) prospecting (Gaining the Initial Appointment), (6) territory planning and management, and (7) major account planning and strategy. In 1997, Acclivus conducted a major research study that resulted in the development of R3 Service, a comprehensive training program for service representatives that has revolutionized the role that service plays in business-with-business relationships.

From the beginning, Acclivus built and maintained robust client relationships with many leading US and international companies in fields such as technology, consulting services, telecommunications, energy, medical devices, financial services, heavy equipment, process control, and consumer products.

In May of 2015, Cynthia Hillhouse Murphy became president and CEO of Acclivus and Acclivus R3 Solutions. Her goal was to expand her late husband’s influence and his commitment to the Acclivus R3 mission statement: to work with leading organizations worldwide to create strong Relationships, optimal Results, and profitable Revenue, by providing learning experiences that inspire people and enable their performance.

Effective September of 2017, Caroline Hillhouse Murphy was named president of Acclivus. Since 2011, she has distinguished herself in the roles of account manager, course developer, program facilitator, and performance coach. Caroline is honored and eager to assume the leadership role for the company her father built. She is focused on supporting Randall Murphy’s life’s work and expanding on his vision for the organization that thrived under his leadership for more than 40 years.

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