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Success Stories

In the last decade alone, Acclivus has conducted more than 300 measurement studies focused on capturing both changes in behavior and financial results across organizations. Nowhere is our passion for performance more evident than in the results we produce working with our clients.

Here are just a few success stories based on rigorous tracking of results:

Acclivus Success Stories
  • Growing Revenue, Volume, and Margin: Negotiation Results at a Global Technology corporation
  • Increasing Win-Rate: Winning Clients in the Professional Services Industry
  • Improving Sales Performance: Increasing Quota-Achievement in a Fortune 500 Communications Company
  • Independent ROI Analysis: At a top Telecommunications Company
  • Increasing Margins: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Sales Negotiation Solutions at a Fortune Global 500 Electronics Company
  • Customer Satisfaction: Rapid Results at a $42 Billion Computer Company with R3 Service
  • New Hire Ramp: Shortening New Hire Ramp and Reducing Turnover in the Telecommunications Industry
  • Growing Revenue, Project Size, and Volume: At a Fortune Global 500 Telecommunications Company
  • Relationships Drive Revenue: Increasing the Number and Strength of Relationships
  • Improving Issue Resolution with R3 Service at a Major Communications Company

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