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What Our Clients Say

Acclivus works around the globe to improve the performance of sales, service, and support professionals across a range of industries, cultures, and business environments. Here are just a few recent observations made by clients regarding their results with Acclivus:

Acclivus What Our Clients Say

“Our thinking is increasingly strategic because of the Acclivus approach. Our success is demonstrated by long-term agreements that are being put into place with key customers.”

Manager of Sales and Key Accounts

Regional power company

“When our sales reps go in with the kind of confidence and skills they have learned and developed through our work with Acclivus, they represent us and our solutions better.”

Vice President

Field Operations, Business services company

“We had a double-digit increase in secured volume and a double-digit increase in revenue, despite a double the number of salespeople..”

National Manager

Field Sales, Technology and industrial leader

“We have tracked more than $100 million in sales that are fully or partially attributable to Acclivus approaches”


Leading consulting firm

“The Acclivus approaches have a demonstrated track record of success. We’re achieving the goals we set for higher-level, higher-value business – which requires more sophisticated selling.”


International consulting services corporation

“Acclivus gives us a framework to deal with customers in a thoughtful and systematic way, moving us beyond just providing a commodity service into being a real partner who solves problems.”

Chief Financial Officer

International energy company

“[Working with Acclivus] I am so excited about the important impact we are having on the performance of our sales and service organizations”

Senior Learning Program Manager

Large computer systems and software company

“Acclivus approaches allow us to approach problem resolution positively with our customers.”


Global Sales , Global energy producer

“The best training I’ve had. Thank you. Great instructor, great tips and tricks, amazing program. Great program!”

Sr. Account Manager

Global industrial and technology company

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