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In the Assessment phase, we start with your business plan—i.e., annual targets for revenue, volume, margin, customer satisfaction, etc. Then to pinpoint your development needs, we identify business challenges and needs. Additional insight can be gathered using assessment tools like VitalSigns® and S3 Alignment surveys and 3x3® Interviews.

The outcome:

  • an objective view of your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • revealing of the perceptions and attitude that drive the behavior of your sales, support and service people
  • insight on the right solution for your situation


Acclivus Assessment
VitalSigns® Surveys: VitalSigns Surveys yield comprehensive insight on your team’s challenges and current skill levels which can be used by decision makers to determine next step, provide critical knowledge to instructors, and specific direction on how to make the biggest impact on development going forward.

3x3® Interviews: 3x3 Interviews typically include structured interviews and field observations with people at three different levels: executive level, manager level, and individual contributor level. In our experience, no single person in an organization has total insight. That’s why a 3x3® approach (pronounced “three by three”) can provide new insights into the hidden issues affecting the performance sales, support, and service people in your organization.

S3 Alignment® Surveys: Acclivus can measure alignment between sales, service and support organizations. One of the few remaining advantages in today’s marketplace is sales, support, and services professionals working together to create value with customers. We call this distinct advantage S3 Alignment®.


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