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Acclivus Implementation

Our goal is long-term results, not just short-term applause. That is why an Acclivus implementation always involves more than simply running great workshops. Effective implementation requires alignment between the Acclivus skills and approaches and the existing sales, service or coaching environments.

We start by assembling a leadership team and developing a plan for the implementation. Then we predispose both middle managers and front-line participants to ensure greater “call to action” before, during, and after the workshop experience. Ultimately, the Acclivus reinforcement tools and coaching process help to embed the new skills and strategies into the corporate DNA.

This proven A-I-M Process not only provides a way to manage all the details, it ensures that we deliver tangible business results and long-term impact.

Acclivus offers the following Implementation Services:

  • Initiative Planning: Development of detailed plans for larger initiatives with multiple key players
  • Initiative Management: Daily/weekly execution of the Initiative Plan
  • Coaching Overviews: Course overviews for managers who cannot attend the workshop

Ready to create an implementation for your organization?

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