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Acclivus is an industry leader in measuring results. In the past two decades, we’ve conducted more than 400 measurement studies focused on capturing behavioral change and financial results with clients around the globe.

Our measurement methods have proven effective across every program in our curriculum and have been adopted by such quality leaders such as Comcast, Verizon, Emerson, IBM, and Shell.

We offer a number of back-end measurement options. Each Measurement service can be implemented by itself or in concert with other services, according to your unique needs.

Acclivus Measurement
  • PulseCheck® Surveys: Implemented 60-90 days after an Acclivus workshop, PulseCheck surveys measure both cause and effect. We focus on 10-12 keys skills, the level of manager involvement, program value, and important outcomes such as new relationships, revenue, profit and volume.
  • Bottom-Line Tracking: Bottom-Line Tracking is a highly objective and rigorous way of measuring the impact of an Acclivus program implementation. Acclivus analyzes trends in performance and the relationships between new skill application and real business results.

Click here to see examples of actual Bottom-Line Tracking cases studies.

Ready to explore how Acclivus Measurement can help ensure the success of your next initiative?

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