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When you are trying to improve your performance in almost any pursuit – sales, service, distance running, tennis, public speaking – a coaching relationship with a trusted colleague can make all the difference. Very few high performers go it alone, even when they’re at the top of their game.

A collegial (peer) coaching relationship can create resolve, determination, and ongoing improvement where otherwise you might be tempted to make do, cut corners, or “just wing it.” Collegial coaching can make each success a little more enjoyable and any failure a little less disappointing. And as a result of collegial coaching, both you and your partner should experience more successes and fewer failures. The simple addition of another perspective should contribute to the increased probability of success for both of you.

So identify a colleague whom you respect and trust and suggest that the two of you build a collegial coaching relationship. Then set some goals, establish ground rules, and begin helping each other plan, rehearse, strategize, and debrief on the way to higher performance.

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