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R3 Sales Excellence The Consultative Approach

R3 Sales Excellence® is The Consultative Approach® to Business-with-Business® selling—a proven approach for understanding and influencing the decision process at multiple levels in the most complex client organizations. Participants develop the solid communication framework necessary for ensuring R3 success.

Acclivus R3 Sales The Consultative Approach

R3 Sales® is a structured, consultative approach to Business-with-Business® selling that is designed to enable and inspire participants to achieve strong RELATIONSHIPS, optimal RESULTS, and profitable REVENUE by continually elevating their level of performance.

Inside R3 Sales The Consultative Approach

Inside R3 Sales® is The Consultative Approach® adapted for sales professionals whose primary selling tools are telephone and e-mail. Participants learn the skills of R3 Sales Excellence but apply them in the fast-paced environment of inside sales.

R3 transAction Consultative Sales for Retail and Call Centers

R3 transACTION® is a sales approach designed to ensure the financial success of a call center or retail business while strengthening customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships. Participants learn to develop more profitable transactions while serving as much more than order processors.

Acclivus R3 Sales® program has been chosen as the consultative selling platform for the SMU Cox Executive Education program.

Acclivus R3 Sales in SMU Cox Executive Education

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